Investment Approach

Investment Philosophy

  • We believe in creating long-term value and wealth for our clients. In our view, value creation is attained by buying good quality companies whose market price are undervalued relative to what we believe should be the intrinsic value.
  • We believe that company profits are largely driven by management strategy and capability
  • We believe that a strategy of purchasing quality companies at attractive valuation outperform the broader market at a lower volatility.
  • We employ a disciplined 4 Pillar process to identify these quality companies

How We Invest

We are a bottom-up and valuation stock-picking house with a long-term horizon. We prefer to buy good quality companies. We define, a quality company as having:

  • Strong business moat i.e. competitive advantage or pricing power
  • Consistent operating history
  • Strong balance sheet and consistent cash flows
  • Strong management
  • Prudent capital allocation